Be Awesome

#awesometalksBe awesome!

That was one of the key takeaways from the #AwesomeTalks keynote speaker Scott Stratten.

It is really as simple as that. If you want people to share your content, make awesome content.  If you want something to spread, you have to make it significant enough for people who don’t have a  connection to you to say, “this is awesome. I need to share this.” If that is the reaction you get from something you created, then it is dripping with awesome sauce.

When we create content with the intention of it getting shared, we create content that we think is awesome.  We often create content that isn’t as awesome as we think. We have to get past thinking our content is great, and start getting other people to say your content is great.

The reality is that awesome content can be as simple as a meme, a photograph, or even a post. We have to remember that there are many different types of content out there, and they can all be awesome. You just have to make it so.

A special shout out for ReSoMe and Suprpod for organizing the event.

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Why should I like your Facebook page?

Today I decided to go with a vlog about why people should like Facebook pages. It is a bit of a rant, so keep that in mind.


Have some thoughts you want to share? Leave a comment below

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Geolocation Applications help local businesses

I recently had a conversation with Sherrilynne Starkie over on her website . We talked about using geolocation applications(e.g. Foursquare) on this post. We talked about how more companies should use these services. Specifically, we focused on these applications use in Canada, or there lack of.

Why should more companies use geolocation applications?

The main reason why you should use geolocation applications is to drive foot traffic into your store. Businesses can encourage traffic in a variety of ways. Some businesses offer discounts, specials, or loyalty points.

Social Fresh points out some great examples of how geolocation applications can be used here.

One interesting example comes from American Express.

American Express encourages people to use geolocation applications by giving their clients discounts when they check in. All people need to do is to have a AMEX card and link it to their Foursquare account.

Businesses should experiment geolocation applications as a means to increase foot traffic, and drive more business.

Give people a reason to check in

If you want people to check into your location, give them a reason to. Some people will want to check in regardless, but others won’t check in unless there is a reason.

Canadian businesses need to develop a strategy to  facilitate the check in.

How do you think businesses could use geolocation applications?



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