Nothing is Trivial

Nothing is Trivial

Don’t you hate it when you tweet something to a company and you don’t get a response. I mean not even acknowledgement. How annoying can that be? Answser, very annoying.

According to a recent study done at The Social Habit, people expect a response from a company in less than 60 minutes.

Think of it this way. One mouse in your house isn’t going to be all that bad. If that mouse gets its friends, it could add up to a real problem. By minding your  ps and qs (please and thank you) of social media you can create a great impact over time. People appreciate getting shout outs.

Businesses should pay more attention to the little details. Something as easy as responding can go a long way.

How bad is your company going to look when you don’t respond at all?

People aren’t going to remember your awesome post, they are going to remember the little things.

Take some time to set up a basic social media listening station, so you can respond to clients in some orderly fashion.

When was the last time a company gave you a shout out?


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