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Social Media Eh! Episode 4

LinkedIn releases it new iPad app which allow tablet owners to use the power of LinkedIn on your mobile device.  It has some potential great benefits in terms of showing someone your digital resume.

Pinterest introduces its new group boards feature to allow you to control who sees your boards better. It has an invitation only feature that allows you to pick and choose who can see your board. It has some great possibilities for only showing your pins to your elite group.

Google Drive comes out. It has Dropbox competitor all over it. If you are already deep into the Google ecosystem , this will be a nice perk. They are offering 5GB of storage to start you off. If you want to upgrade that have offered those options for 25Gb for #2.49/ month takes job searching to a whole new level with its eHarmony approach to find an employer. It provides a different way of finding that right place to work.

Facebook timeline changes its profile picture to a slightly larger version. Christopher Penn has a great picture for his timeline. You should check it out.

Google analytics announces that it is  data on site speeds report. This is great because you will know how fast your site is for those people who are on their mobile phones in comparison to other places.  We know that more people are using mobile so it makes sense to have a site that is optimized right?

Facebook activates its new realtime insights. You already use Facebook insights so now you can see who is using the site right now. It is suppose to allow marketers to see what is happening now and adjust accordingly.

The Dominos scooter. Putting the idea of pizza in your head even while idling


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How are you going to use the real time insights from Facebook.


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