Google+ On Air Hangouts and what they mean to your business

Think about what you can use Googl+ hangouts for.

The power of Google+ Hangouts is out there, you just need to harness it

Google+ on air hangouts are rolling out across the world and soon everyone will be able to use it.

What does it mean to you that Google+ On Air Hangouts are going live?

One of the things that people need to remember is that Google+ Hangouts are  swiftly becoming a very powerful tool for businesses. It is becoming a great tool because it is replacing some of the paid software that people used to use, therefore, the options for small businesses are increasing. It is free to get a Google+ account and chances are you already have Gmail, so you probably have Google+ as well. This means that many small businesses who are looking to save a dime will be more likely to use hangouts as a business tool.

How can businesses use Google+ Hangouts?

One of the key features that businesses can use is the screen share option. Using this feature basically eliminates software like Fraps if you are a gamer or other screen captioning software. It makes it easy to use for people who don’t want to mess around. The benefits are that you can do interactive seminars while showing your presentations slides, so if you are camera shy that is one way to avoid it. You can also use the screen share option for micro-webinars, so if you lack time for a full out seminar. If you are aren’t camera shy, you can hold a whiteboard day like SEOmoz does every Friday. You can mix in screen captures to help with the graphic component if you aren’t the best drawer. Another way that it can be used is a Live Vlog an event. This can also lead to discussions about the material that is being presented.

In addition to these uses of the screen captioning option, you can publish your seminars, webinars or whiteboards to your Youtube channel. This is powerful because those Youtube  videos can then be put into your blog. This can add link juice to your site which can help it rank higher in the SEO world, which means that more people will be able to find your website.

Consider these uses of Google+ On Air Hangouts and how you can use them for your business.

How are you going to use Google+ On Air Hangouts?


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