Creativity comes from where you want, thoughts about #blogsomething2012

Creativity can be found everywhere

Last week, I participated in Christopher Penn’s #blogsomething2012, and found a few things out you may find helpful.

First, by predeterming what you are going to write about throughout the week will focus your thoughts on that one topic. Therefore, what happens is that you look at things with a purpose and you try to relate them to what your writing about.

Second, if you know what you are going to write about, you can write about that topic in advance, which is very nice to save time during the week. As a result, you can finish your daily blog on the weekend if you have a surge of creativity. This also allows you to mull over the idea and put your brain to work on things that you can connect with it.

Third, you can be surprisingly creative when you see the pictures that you need to blog about. For example, one of the pictures that was selected, was a picture of a Puritan ¬†statue from the Boston Fine Arts Museum. You don’t always know the background behind the image that you are seeing. What came from that picture was , “Why not wear a Cape?” Which really means be the Purple Cow as Seth Godin put it. You too can be creative by opening your mind to the possible blogs you can create.


How are you creative? Do you have a habit when it comes to creativity to help you be creative?

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