Best premium wordpress themes

Best Premium WordPress Themes

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I was perusing the internet the other day and I had a thought about premium wordpress themes. I was wondering what were the best providers. Now, I don’t use a premium theme personally, but I thought it would be a good idea to curate a list in the event that I am looking for a theme.

I have chosen to use a website called to help curate the list of premium wordpress themes. Please vote for your favourite.

At the time of creation, the top premium wordpress options are:

  1. Elegant Themes
  2. Theme Forest
  3. Studiopress
  4. Woo Themes

The list may change depending on how people vote on it.

Here are the best premium wordpress themes

[listly id="2KX" layout="full"]

What are you favourites? Please share what your favourite are in the comments.

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Movember Moustache? Yes please

Day 2 of Movember – raising awareness about men’s health

It is November, and you know what that means. It’s time to grow a stache. Luckily my friends I am very skilled in the ways of moustache growing. I was trained by a monk in Lindsay, Ontario. He was the master himself Peter Robson, my dad.  He had a mighty moustache for years it was revered in the town. People would recognize him for his moustache. One of our family friends knows sign language, and he mimics a moustache by putting his finger under his nose to indicate my dad. Although my dad doesn’t have a moustache any more, I still felt compelled to share the story because of Movember.

Movember for the first time

This is actually my first year doing Movember, so I am trying to embrace it. I joined a group with the CanadianDad Chris Read, and I’m excited to see how much we can spread the word about Movember.

We are thinking about having a Movember meet up later in November to help the cause and have some fun in the process, so keep an eye out for that.

Movember isn’t all fun and games

The money raised by all the Movember participants goes to a good cause. Men’s health. It is a topic that isn’t talked about nearly enough.

The funds are used specifically for prostate cancer and male mental health initiatives.   The money is used to support a broad range of programs to benefit men’s health.

Some of the programs that are funded include:

Prostate Cancer Canada
Awareness & Education
Global Action Plan
Canadian Male Health Network

Feel free to Donate

If you would like to donate, you can donate directly to me here. If you don’t have extra cash, I can understand that, so why not spread the word instead?

Have questions, comments or concerns? Leave a comment.

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The best ideas

How do you come up with your ideas?

Like many of you, I  have a hard time coming up with ideas to blog about.  We tend to focus on topics that we need to write about, and don’t allow our imaginations to run free.

Stop focussing on what you have to blog about and let your mind relax. You will find yourself coming up with many more ideas if you relax.

I’ll give you an example. I walk to the gym, which is about 30 minutes away. In those 30 minutes, I come up some of the most interesting ideas. However, they aren’t all related to what I want to talk about, but I can work with some of them to achieve my goals.

Take five

If you are having a hard time being creative, why not take a break and go for a walk?  You can do anything that will take your mind off your work. It could be something as easy as a quick walk around the block or some meditation. Trust me you will feel relaxed and hopefully more creative. I can’t guarantee you will get a creative injection, but hey it will be at least a quick rest for your body. If you want more proof about getting the best ideas, check out Christopher Penn’s post about why he uses a manual coffee grinder.

How do you get creative?

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